I’m not a Twitter person but recently Nathan Fillion has rallied his followers to show their support to get him casted in the lead role a video game adaptation. The game follows fortune hunter Nathan Drake and in a way is a male Tomb Raider or a modern Indiana Jones I guess. The game is fun especially the second one. Fillion looks the part and is funny as hell. Hopefully his role on the hit show Castle might give him enough to get the role. Problem is studios want really young guys to start franchises(Mistake) and will most likely look for someone in their 20’s instead of Fillion who is 39. Problem for me is that Fillion is out there and is so obvious for the job. If the studio ignores him and casts some guy from Gossip Girl or something they will loose out with a lot of nerds. Nathan Drake isn’t super young in the games either. Also look at how many franchises have failed trying to use super young actors. I can’t even think of one where it worked. So come on studio heads cast Fillion you will have every nerd out there buying a ticket.