It seems Cameron has like five movies he plans to make at once. A couple months ago the rumor spread Cameron was going to make a 3D documentary picture about the Amazon. Now this comes out that he now has a Cleopatra film in the tube with Angelina Jolie attached. The movie would focus on the Romans and their involvement in Egypt and a more realistic portrayal of Cleopatra. Now Cameron’s involvement hasn’t been officially confirmed just rumored but the project has very much been green lit. The film itself would try and restore the epic story lines we’re used to seeing from Hollywood. Years ago studios attacked audiences with sand and sandal epics with some doing well and other bombing. In a short period we have: Troy, Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven in a short period of time. All films had problems but were solid in many other places, so I’m glad that this genre might be making a come back. I just don’t believe that 3D is necessary in that return but whatever.