So Nolan finally confirmed he would direct Batman 3. This of course is good news all around since The Dark Knight was one of the best comic book movies ever made. Now news that Tom Hardy has been cast for a major role in the movie. Many believe this mean he will play a villain. Hardy gave an impressive performance in Inception being the suave British man. So he is a fine choice as an actor over all. Now who will he play is becoming a huge topic, for me this could be a move to just get people talking. Hardy might not play a villain he could be a detective or politician. If he is a baddie though who would he play? The Riddler is an obvious choice since that character would work in Nolan’s Gotham. Still I want to believe Nolan has some tricks up his sleeve to have a villain the comic book audience could be impressed by. I personally believe the villains in BM3 should be Black Mask or Hush… Won’t go into details but I’d follow the comic book format. Hardy could easily do Mask. At this point Nolan’s third Batman film will break the bank no matter who the villain is so go crazy. We all are expecting the Riddler… Throw us a curve ball!