It was announced today that British actor Rhys Ifans will be the main and only villain in the Spider-man reboot. He has been acting for a while now in movies here and there. He is a fine choice but no one knows who he will be. The major rumor was the villain for the reboot would be the Lizard. I don’t see Dr. Connors when I look at this guy but who knows maybe I’m wrong and he could rock it and the Lizard. If I had to guess I would say he would play Electro mainly because of his body type and that Electro would be a fine choice for a reboot. His character is pretty basic when it comes to powers, he just shoots electric bolts from his hands. With Garfield(Not the cat) and Emma Stone confirmed for the cast things are looking up for the reboot. Still there is a lot up in the air. I’ll wait and see who Ifans will play in the movie and I’m not real pumped about Marc Webb directing it. I love Raimi and dug his versions so Webb has a steep climb but hopefully he will surprise me.