Rumors are circulating that Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle plans to return to the movie that got his name into the main stream. 28 Days Later was a different twist on the zombie theme, he first off made zombies able to run. His gritty style added to the tension, sure the third act was horrible but I blame the script for that. He did not return for 28 Weeks Later, but amazingly that movie was very good. Now with Boyle finishing up his work with 27 Hours he can work on this zombie sequel. What the movie would be about is unknown. If it follows where the second film ended it should basically be about the virus spreading to a world wide level. Problem is we’ve seen this before in a way. Zombie movies have kind of been done to death recently. So I’m interested in seeing what Boyle and crew can come up with. With both other films involving the UK maybe it could be about teams trying to cure people all around Europe? Have it set in France or Germany where the problem is not the virus spreading but being able to cure those who have the virus.