So right now is kind of the “yawn” part of the year for movie releases(Until next week with RED). So it’s good to see people are still going to the movies. So the The Social Network is #1 again this week. One thing I want to discuss is the random false hype running behind this film. The “facebook movie” has currently made $46.1 million bucks. Nothing really that special, before the film came out many claimed this movie would be a cultural revolution. Seems like people are mainly slightly interested. Since the film really is just about losing friends because of greed the theme is very been there, done that. It’s the dialogue and vibe that makes the movie strong. Anyway the revolutionary Social Network almost got beat by a romantic comedy. Katherine Heigl has become the go to comedy actress of this generation, mainly because she’s a good actress and very very charming.

The other new release Secretariat came in third which is actually very impressive to me since the film looked horrible. I’m going to give it a chance this week probably but still I’m impressed that people came out to see this one. Another surprise to me is “The Owl” movie is still sticking around, maybe it’s because of the 3D charge but still it’s good to see audiences giving it a chance. Only other notes I guess would be The Town is almost at $80 million. It’s good to see solid crime films getting support… Here is the list:

1. The Social Network $15.5 Million

2. Life as We Know It $14.6 Million

3. Secretariat $12.6 Million

4. Legend of the… It’s the “Owl Movie” $7 million

5. My Soul to Take $6.9 Million

6. The Town $6.4 Million

7. Wall Street: Money Talks $4.6 Million

8. Easy A $4.2 Million

9. Case 39 $2.6 Million

10. You Again $2.5