Warner Brothers last week made a huge announcement claiming that Harry Potter: The Deathly Hollows will not be in 3D. They claim they just could not convert it in time. This move proves to me that Warner Brothers is just one of the better studios in Hollywood. 3D conversion sucks, it is that simple. Every movie that has been converted looks horrible. So good move by them to just shut it down. Most HP fans I know were very much against the film being in 3D and were going to go out of their way to see it in 2D theaters. So in the end WB won’t make the couple extra dollars people would have forked over for the 3D glasses but they will keep the fans respect. I think more people will check it out by doing this. Also if they stuck with the conversion people might have come out of the movie hating it for the simple fact that the 3D was horrible. So good move Warner Brothers you have won my respect… Not like they cared about my respect but they still won it!