He brought us a not shitty horror remake in Dawn of the Dead, he brought us abs galore in 300 and then brought us brilliance in Watchmen… Now director Zack Snyder has been selected to direct the next Superman movie. Now for the record I really enjoyed Superman Returns and thought it was a perfect sequel to the original Superman movies. My problem was the lack of action in that film. Sure when Superman was saving people it looked sweet(The scene with his stopping the plane crashing into the ball park… AMAZING!). Problem for me was there was no real threat to Superman, the only action scene consisted of a bunch of guys robbing a bank. Then randomly they set up a huge machine gun on the roof, all the work for nothing since Superman shows up and takes care of them. Anyway with the weird response to that film from audiences the reboot is coming This time its under the watch of the Nolan brothers. So will Superman have no powers? The idea of Superman living in the world we live in doesn’t give me a lot of hope. I want to see Superman battle it out with a high powered super villain. Snyder though makes me believe this film will look amazing. So count me in as pumped.