I revisited the Bourne films recently and found myself surprised how well repetitive they are. It’s Matt Damon fighting the CIA super agents and desk jockies for basically three films. The second film does have a bad ass Russian agent who hangs out in red lighted clubs at noon. Still the action was solid and the films proved that not only James Bond can make spy movies financially huge. Now with the news that Tony Gilroy(Michael Clayton) will write and direct Bourne 4! Problem is that Matt Damon has stated before that if Greengrass(Directed Supremacy and Ultimatum) was not involved he would not return to play Bourne. Now Gilroy could very inspiring since he kicks ass. So will see, if they recast Bourne it will be interesting to see if audiences will accept this like they did with dealing with different Bonds. Anyway Gilroy is a fantastic choice.