Now to start off I though Lonestar looked lame. They sold the show off simply by showing this guy sleeping with two different women and then claiming there was a con or something. It hands down was one of the worst ad campaigns ever. They put the show up against a lot of competition. Then after two shows… TWO SHOWS they cancel it for good. Fox seems to never learn they treated Firefly like shit and canceled it even though it deserved much better. Television to me has just fallen through the cracks into crap. The fact that CBS is the leader in television blows my mind, mainly because they have horrible shows. Seriously have you watched any comedy on that program? If you can sit through one without vomiting or feeling so stupid you might fall over then you have a serious problem. So don’t get me wrong Lonestar was probably crap but does it deserve to get canceled only after two shows? Ugh I mean 2 and 1/2 Men has been on for like 8 years… What the hell is up with that?