A list of possible directors for the next Superman movie have been released. They are: Zack Snider(Watchmen, 300), Tony Scott(Man On Fire, Deja Vu), Jonathan Liebsman(Darkness Falls), Duncan Jones(Moon) have made the list. For me this list makes me want to give up hope. Snider is obviously the best since “Watchmen” fucking ruled. “300” was a alright I guess kind of boring and an obvious commercial for the shake-weight. I did really love his remake of “Dawn of the Dead”. Tony Scott surprises me, I like his movies but I don’t want to see him anywhere near Superman. His shaky cam antics would simply ruin the movie. Liebsman made “Darkness Falls”…. I don’t care how cool his upcoming “Battlefield: Los Angeles” is suppose to me he made Darkness Falls so he is the fail right now in my book. Duncan Jones would be an interesting pick and comes second for me on this list.

Who would I want to direct Superman? Antoine Fuqua, the man knows action and I think he should get a chance at a comic book franchise. Then of course I’d like to see James Cameron or Guillermo Del Toro, but that will never happen.