Rising star Emma Stone(Zombieland, Easy A) is in the running to play one of two female leads in the upcoming Spider-man reboot. If this is true I fully support this. She seems like the only option in mind to play Watson. She is very likable and a solid actress. Her back ground in comedy is help full as well to help audiences forget Dunst who played Watson very well in my opinion in the previous movies.

Now I still don’t fully support the Spider-man reboot. Rumors were the only reason Raimi was booted from the franchise was him demanding to only having one villain in Spider-man 4. That baddie was going to be the Vulture. Personally I think that character would work well on screen. Now Marc Webb is directing and I simply don’t have faith that he can do the movie justice. Will see though, the rumor that the Lizard would be the main villain in the film gives me some hope.