I’m sorry but I don’t understand the big deal here. So the film isn’t really a documentary film… So what? Were that many people pumped to see the film? I don’t think so. People are simply making too big of a deal about this. Now Casey Affleck and Phoenix are going around apologizing that they sold the movie as real and it wasn’t. It’s a movie!!! So all these people who are pissed about this were you also pissed when you found out “Paranormal Activity” wasn’t real? Or “The Blair Witch Project”? Sorry but I just don’t buy it or understand the problem. Movies are fake, pretty much everyone involved in making movies are pretty fake. So then a fake documentary comes out but we find out that Joaquin Phoenix isn’t crazy(I still believe he is) and this has crossed the line? People wake up. Give this movie a chance before you give up on it and rip it apart.