So Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D has made some pretty good money so far. The 3D in that picture was top notch, but the movie itself was hilarious, never scary, never really making sense but was a hell of a lot of fun. So they decide to green light a fifth movie. I have a problem with this for multiple reasons. As the movies stand now they have done almost EVERYTHING possible in this post apocalyptic world. I thought after this film they would simply reboot. Studios seem to have faith in this idea now. Evidence of that is Spider-man where they dropped the already established Sam Raimi for a unproven and frankly gimick director in Marc Webb(Yeah I said it). Anyway so why not reboot Resident Evil and make it more like the game. By that I mean actually scary and not having over the top action scenes. A low budget Resident Evil film can be made. Still if they want to continue following Milla down a road of destruction I will be there to watch. Since like I said before these movies are a good time and I just can’t turn down a good time.