I apologize for posting this now, since the movie came out weeks ago but I had to voice my opinion on the flick. First off let me get it started with explaining how much I like Sylvester Stallone. I think he is a gifted actor and director who has given us some classic films. I frankly will always cherish Cliff Hanger and Demolition Man for just being a good fucking time at the movies. Now here he has made a film that is frankly a huge 1980’s movie that for some reason was made in 2010. I want to thank him for this. Fun action movies are a dying breed, for some reason we have moved away from these films but Sly has brought it right back. This time he is not the only bad boy in the house he brings along: Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham Dolph Lundgren and others. This film doesn’t really mess around. We open with this team of hard core bad asses boarding a boat taken over by Somalian Pirates. Of course they slaughter the pirates in an epic fashion. From there we get cameos from Bruce Willis and Arnold himself. They put Stallone and his boys on a mission to a small(made up) island in Latin America. They are there to take out a dictator, turns out he’s a only a puppet for some other nasty bad guys. So of course Stallone and cronies go in to save the day and poor people being slaughtered on the island.

The film is basic in this sense, but it doesn’t matter, it’s so much fun seeing all these guys kicking ass on screen. The body count is insane as one could guess. It’s hard to hate on this movie really. There are places where the dialogue is flat, and some of the personalities these uber heroes give off just don’t work. They each have small character bits, but Stallone kind of passes over them knowing the audience frankly doesn’t care where these guys do at home, we care about them kicking ass. The Expendables is frankly here to fill the void that has been left with the absence of action movies. Some say that comic book movies have replaced these but I think Stallone has proven them wrong. This movie even though it’s brutally violent is simply a comic book. Stallone’s Rambo was violent and it felt real. The villains were brutal and Stallone did not fear holding back showing how brutal they could be. Here we see the bad guys being bad but frankly we understand that they are the bad guys and they have to go down, so showing them being overly evil is pointless. Statham shines here though for me. I’ve always liked the guy but here he comes off like a real action hero and I loved it.

Is the movie simple? Yes. Is it violent? You bet. But is it worth checking out? Hell yes especially if you understand that you’re suppose to sit back and let the movie take you back to 80’s… When movies had balls.

Rating: 8/10