So the end of the summer movie season is here. That’s not all bad, the fall season usually has a lot of good movies come out. This weekend was smaller than most but that was expected. What wasn’t expected is that the quiet George Clooney spy thriller The American took the top spot. Shows that spy movies are in and that George is always in. Second and third are so close that it won’t become clear who is the leader until tomorrow sometime. Surprisingly Takers is still doing very well… Why? Is it tweens who never saw Heat so they think this movie is the bees knees? I don’t know but it is in its second week trying to hold off Machete. I’m amazed Machete has done as well as it has with the way it has been advertised. Making almost 12 million dollars the first week I think you can consider this baby a hit already. I had it at 5 million or a little more. I guess people are ready to have a little fun. The rest of the list isn’t that surprising. Going the Distance landed in fifth which is a little lower than I though it should be. Very funny movie but I think it will have legs. Other notes is the Expendables is almost at 100 million dollars… Wow! Did not see that coming. Inception stands at 277 million and is what I consider the big hit of the summer. Here is the BO list:

1. The American 12.9 Million

2. Takers 11.4 Million

3. Machete 11.3 Million

4. The Last Exorcism 7.6 Million

5. Going the Distance 6.9 Million

6. The Expendables 6.6 Million

7. The Other Guys 5.4 Million

8. Eat Pray Love 4.9 Million

9. Inception 4.5 Million

10. Nanny Mcphee Returns 3.6 Million