So two years ago we hear rumors of a Bioshock movie was going to be greenlit. Well we still have no idea where the project is going. Seems like studios are a little gun shy with video game products. I understand since most video game based movies bomb. That isn’t their fault the movies are usually horrible. Why are they horrible? They never stuck to the source material and either made the movies horrible campy or just plain horrible. Look at Doom, could have easily been like Aliens, but instead it just sucked rocks.

So Bioshock is in the same position as Halo, stuck in limbo. Gore Verbinski has left the project, rumor is because the studio got too involved. Hearing this makes me loose faith. This means the studio wants to “update” some things or make the movie more “audience friendly”… Look the video game is AMAZING. The story is dark and frankly perfect for a movie. If they tinker with it, well then don’t even bother making it. Hopefully we can get a serious and source material based movie soon.