Emma Bell is awesome. I saw Frozen when it was released in theaters and LOVED IT. Thought it would be an instant hit, but then it just faded from theaters. I blame a lack of advertising for this. Anyway Bell was fantastic in the film. She as just landed the lead role in Final Destination 5 where she and a bunch of other survive a falling suspension bridge, then of course death catches up to them and picks them off in absurd ways. I hope they expand on the story line, this being the fifth film. The kills are hilarious and that’s fine but can we get an explanation on why people can foresee deaths plans. This is never brought up in any of the stories and I think they could do something with it. But the formula hasn’t failed yet so I doubt they’d break from it.

Also why does death kill people in the most random and complicated ways? Oh well this film will no doubt be in 3D but I hope they do a better job than in the last one. The fourth FD used it as a bull shit gimmick that didn’t work. Hopefully they treat the 3D a little better.

My last point is that on September 28th Frozen comes out on DVD. I suggest you go pick up and support this film. It was a fun thriller/horror film and it was not as beloved as it should have been. So go check it out.