I had no opinion on this little heart throb. Heard about him all the time but didn’t care. Dudes lust after actresses so girls should have little dudes to lust for, it’s only fair. But I have to put my foot down. He has made comments on wanting to remake Grease… The classic musical Grease. Then he claimed, which I hope was a joke that he wants Miley Cyrus to play Sandy. That is enough! No ass hole why don’t you come up with your own musical instead of remaking a beloved classic. I don’t hate all remakes but to me this is crossing a line. First off would it be a remake where the film would be set in 1959? Would it deal with all the same plot points or be changed? I don’t think a contemporary telling of Grease would work. I mean would it deal with cliques in high school instead of Greaser gangs? But then why is it called Grease? This stuff doesn’t seem to matter with the Karate Kid remake making so much money. The funny thing is Jackie Chan teaches mini Smith kung fu in the movie not Karate. So I guess making the title make sense doesn’t matter when remaking movies for a quick buck. Anyway Justin Bieber, you suck.