Let me get this off my chest… I hated X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They ruined the character in my eyes. Wolverine is a murdering animal in his origin. He becomes tamer once he becomes an X-man. But they decided to make him a super pussy. Then they ruined Deadpool too. Also did anyone else hate when Sabertooth helps Wolverine fight super Deadpool saying: “Only I get to kill you” or some bull shit. HORRIBLE! So when the rumor came up that either Aronofsky or David Slade will direct the second one I stood up and cheered. I like both these guys. Aronofsky has made some classics in my opinion, most recently The Wrestler. Slade made the awesome 30 Days of Night, and he made a very solid Twilight movie. So if they stick to the comics and make Wolverine’s story in Japan hard core, then myself and the fans will be pumped. The pg-13 Wolverine failed! Give us what we want guys an R-Rated Wolverine!