James Cameron is pissed. Avatar changed everything when it comes to 3D film making. Now 3D is being run into the ground like it was in the 80’s! Cheesy movies are making a 3D come back! Started with My Bloody Valentine and then the utterly brilliant Piranha 3D. Now many though Piranha bombed at the BO, on the contrary the film will be a success once it hits DVD racks. So this come to no surprise that a 3D Shark movie is coming. It will be called Shark Night 3D… Beautiful. Plot follows a bunch of assholes chilling by a lake in Louisiana that for some fucking reason has sharks in it. Count me in baby! If I could buy my ticket for this I would. Lets have Snakes on a Plane 3D(forget about SOAP 2 skip to 3D!). Sorry James Cameron but campy movies win this round!