If you were hoping for Sly’s Expendables to take #1 three weeks in a row, then this weekend was a huge let down. It actually was a race for the top spot with two films being only separated by .3 million. Now I avoided both The Last Exorcism and Takers due to the horrible reviews I read. I might have to check them out and review them here now. On the plus side the Expendables did take the third spot and added a good chunk of change to take it over 80 million. Other thing to note is that The Other Guys is very close to breaking into the 100 million club. Inception sits now at 270 million as well. So anyway this weekend was a little loopy since a cliche filled horror film took first and then an action film that is all cliche was second. Guess I don’t understand American audiences as much as I thought. Took one look at Takers and thought “2 million opening” well I should have added 19 million to that and I would have been right!

1. The Last Exorcism 21.3 million

2. Takers 21 million

3. The Expendables 9.5 million

4. Eat, Pray, Love 7 million

5. The Other Guys 6.6 million

6. Vampires Suck 5.3 million

7. Inception 5.1 million

8. Nanny McPhee Returns 4.7 million

9. The Switch 4.6 million

1o. Piranha 3D 4.3 million