Years ago nerds were consumed by the news of a HALO movie coming to screens. Peter Jackson producing with Neil Bloomkamp behind the camera. Then the film came to sudden halt and now seems likely it will never be made. Rumors consist of studio’s fearing the price the film would take to make. For me I look at Avatar, basically a silly science fiction action movie. Well it made what a billion dollars? HALO could do the same. The source material can easily be adapted. Either base it directly off of the game or one of the various books written about the HALO universe. Now sure video games movies have failed over and over again. Well that’s because they were horrible, not the games fault, the is the film makers fault. Most of the time the movies come off as campy or generally shitty. HALO can be done in an epic scale. A science fiction war movie that could go up against Star Wars, Star Trek and Avatar. Someone please just call James Cameron, he could easily do this movie. The general idea of it is basically based off of his film Aliens. I can see why Hollywood leadership is timid about HALO. The lead never takes his helmet off. That never works in Hollywood they think people want to “connect” to their leads. This is bull shit. Darth Vader and Boba Fett never showed their faces and they are fan favorites! The fact that we don’t know what Master Chief looks like makes him cool! People would connect to how much of a hero he is not because of what he looks like. The villains could look amazing with the CGI we have available to us today. So come on Hollywood! Give us HALO! The new game HALO Reach will hopefully fuel the money makers into creating the film again. Hell a HALO Reach movie would be great too. Make it happen!