This will be a new bit on this blog. I love talking about movies that should have had sequels. My go to choice for this is Commando. That movie had everything! Arnold chewed up every bit of dialogue and scenery, sure the female lead was annoying but who cares!

No one can deny how amazing the scene where Arnold holds the loser bad guy off the side of the cliff by his leg with one hand. “Do you remember when I said I’d kill you last?”… Bad guy: “Yeah Maddox I remember!”… Arnold: “I lied.” Then the dummy was tossed down the cliff…. AWESOME! Then at the end when Arnold kills an entire army of Colombian soldiers. Then the tool shed scene. It was amazing! Why did they never make a second film? If I remember that movie was a hit. Rumors have been running around that the movie will be remade… WHAT! First off how is that even possible? Unless they just take the title and make the film ultra serious. But that would suck. Cast the Rock and corn it up with a body count that rivals Total Recall!

So tell me what movies do you wish had sequels. Or better which do you wish didn’t?