Rumors have started that Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock will star in a September 11th movie. The story would follow a boy trying to figure out secrets to his fathers life after he is killed in the attack. The question I have is, should Hollywood go back into 9/11 territory again?

In 2006 two movies came out about the attack. Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center and United 93. Both really didn’t make a huge splash in the box office. Which makes sense the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were raging and the attacks still being heavily discussed. I believe audiences at the time were just not ready for the films. It hurt too much to watch. Personally I really enjoyed both movies. I own United 93 but must admit I don’t think I’ve watched it since purchasing it. They are just too intense. I’m thinking about watching it now though to see if it hits as hard. I remember seeing it in theaters and everyone, and I mean everyone in the theater was in tears.

Now it has been almost a decade since the attack. Only one major movie has come out about the attack, even though it wasn’t. SPOLIER ALERT: … The film Remember Me had a surprise ending where the lead is killed while in one of the towers at the end. The use of the attack this way some saw as a gimmick, some found it very offensive. But with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan barely in the news as much and the wars no longer wanted by the American public, is it time for 9/11 themed movies to come out?

I am for it, we have movies that focus on wars and other disasters and attacks. I think enough time has passed that the material can at least be focused on somewhat. They still need to do this carefully. I do not want some over the top, or over dramatic form of a 9/11 movie. Keep Michael Bay away from this material. His Pearl Harbor movie had great action scenes but the weight of all the death that day was lost with all the flashy film style and the pointless love triangle rammed down our throats.

So what do you think? Is it time for more September 11th movies to come out?