If you haven’t heard they are rebooting the Spider-man franchise. Now I love Sam Raimi and I was excited to see what would happen in Spider-man 4 but that won’t happen. I do understand why Sony wanted to change directions though. Spider-man 3 was a mess and corny in too many places(Not all Raimi’s fault). He was pushed into using Venom as a villain, who should have had a movie of his own. Now the guy who directed 500 Days of Summer(Marc Webb) is behind the camera. We have a lead in the name of Andrew Garfield(I don’t know him either). Rumor is the villain will be the Lizard which is a good and obvious choice for a reboot. The one question remains: Who will be the love interest or Peter Parker and Spider-man? The rumor mill has started churning hard. The question remains will they use Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy or a totally new character? If they are going with the comics then Stacey could work and they could use the same story line which would be perfect for a couple of movies.

The actresses who have been rumored are Ophelia Lovibond, Ophelia Lovibond and Lily Collins are in the lead to get the role. Rumor is Teresa Palmer(Sorcerer’s Apprentice) and Emma Roberts are also in the discussion. Roberts just doesn’t seem right for the role, don’t ask me why it’s just a feeling.

If it is Gwen Stacy then my vote goes to Teresa Palmer I just feel like she has the look and acting chops to pull it off. I doubt they will use Mary Jane until a couple movies in. My vote for her though is Emma Stone.

Who do you think Spidey should be lusting for in 2012?