This is my first weekend update here on this blog. I plan to do this every weekend.

So I am pleased to say that the #1 movie this weekend is Stallone’s action galore film the Expendables. This is the second week in a row it’s been at the top. The film nagged up almost 17 million. Leaving it with a total of 65 million. I think we can all say that this movie is a hit. Especially with expectations being where they were. Could we see a Expendables 2? Could Van Damme be in it? Either way I’m glad seeing this at the top. Sadly on the other hand I’ve already made my stance clear on Vampires Suck. But young one’s must have come out because it landed in the second spot with 12.2 million. It has eaten up 20 million since coming out on wendsday.

Landing in the third spot is Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love, which has frankly under performed but has not epically dropped at all. It was close to getting into second with 12 million. It’s total is creeping very close to 50 million so maybe not all is lost. A bunch of other movies came out and faired only decently. Lottery Ticket luckily landed in fourth with 11 million. Get it? Lucky goes along with the lottery… Not funny? Thought as much. Anyway Piranha 3D came out and surprisingly landed in 6th with only 10 million. I guess all the boobs and blood just wasn’t a selling point. Or has 3D lost it’s audience already? Nanny Mcphee Returns and The Switch both had limited press and both made around 8 million a piece. No surprise there. Other notes, The Other Guys has made almost 90 million. Inception is sitting at 261 million and still going.

Sadly Scott Pilgrim vs. The World landed in 10th with only 5 million dollars. It’s total now sits at 20 million. The film should be doing a lot better than this. Like I’ve said before… Nerds we have failed. Here is the list…

1. The Expendables 16.5 million

2. Vampires Suck 12.2 million

3. Eat Pray Love 12 million

4. Lottery Ticket 11.1 million

5. The Other Guys 10.1 million

6. Piranha 3D 10 million

7. Nanny Mcphee Returns 8.3 million

8. The Switch 8.1 million

9. Inception 7.6 million

10. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 5 million