Alright now for another beautiful topic. The flavor of the last couple months has been 3D movies. This concept has been around for decades but it is now being crammed down our throats.

Where did this start? Avatar obviously. James Cameron with one movie made 3D the norm. The settings of Pandora jumped off the screen and left people amazed, or with a slight headache. After that film made buckets upon buckets of cash then every studio wanted it. This is where the problem lies. Not every film should be in 3D, even though studio’s want them to be.

Seems now every animated film is in 3D when it doesn’t have to be. Shrek 4 or whatever its final title was is a fine example of this. Studio’s started converting movies into 3D to cash in and audiences fell for it. Most 3D movies have been making serious cash. The trend though is already going down hill. Several 3D movies have bombed or under performed. Simply people are catching on. They now see the difference between the horrible conversion of 3D which we saw with movies like The Last Airbender and Clash of the Titans. The difference between those movies and Avatar is clear. Also I believe people are simply tired of dropping 12-15 dollars a ticket just for 3D.

So I’m not against 3D, it can be fun. Piranha 3D is a barrel of fun wrapped up in boobs and carnage. Now with people filming movies for 3D I believe things will get better and not be as blurry and dark. Conversion is coming to an end as well. So 3D movies are here to stay, but so our 2D movies. I think it is clear that audiences don’t really prefer either. Just pick and choose, do a little research. If a movie reviewer claims the 3D looks horrible and will make your eyes melt, they are probably telling the truth.

The one thing I haven’t decided on yet is converting old movies to 3D. Not exactly sure if I support this. Cameron has claimed that Titanic 3D will be coming soon. I find this pointless that movie in 3D will only date the movie. The graphics will stand out more. Same goes for Star Wars. Even though deep down I know I’ll be first in line for these movies, I’m worried about it. 3D Star Wars could blow my mind, but it could also break my heart. Time will tell if conversion works for older movies. So I really can’t give a final verdict.

One last thing, wouldn’t Forbidden Planet in 3D be cool? Or Them? Imagine a drive in theater, summer time, then a 3D showing of Them or The Blob. That would be awesome. If anyone wants to donate a couple million dollars to me so I could build and operate a drive in theater and make this happen I will be very thank full and I will give you a hug, a big hug.