This is my first post on andy’s movie blog!!!

Alright end of celebration. I have been debating what my first topic of movie news should be. Now sure there is a lot of it out there so I have many options. I’ve decided this first post will not be about news… It will be a rant! A what? A rant I said!

I am upset at the nerd community. Why? Nerds are awesome and why would I ever be upset at them? Because they have failed! A movie came out recently which is the movie of all movies that nerds should have came out and supported. This movie of course is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Now the ads for this movie were not great. The plot is a little out there, but I still do not understand why this movie basically failed to conquer the box office. As of right now it stands at 17.3 million dollars. That is just shameful nerds.

I have some ideas of why it failed: First Michael Cera has lost his audience. After Super Bad it looks like he would be the new comedy king of movies. Then he made Year One, if you have not seen that movie you have done yourself a huge favor. It was horrible. Since then he has had bomb after bomb. He was a fine casting choice for Pilgrim but he alone would not put butts in the seats.

Secondly like I mentioned before the ad campaign was just bad. The commercials were choppy and were simply desperate. Like the studio knew the movie was super nerdy and decided to try and hide this fact as much as possible.

Thirdly it went up against Stallone and Julia Roberts. That is a recipe for defeat. The Expendables has done much better than expected, frankly the movie is kicking ass. Eat Pray Love is under performing but took a lot of people away from seeing Pilgrim.

Basically nerds have failed. Many online are straight up hating on this movie. This confuses me highly because a studio will see that this nerd movie under performed and will hesitate green lighting another. We should not be hating on the properties that are for us! Anyway if you haven’t seen it, go, then tell me what you thought about it. I would write a review but it’s been out two weeks now. Would rather have more recent movies reviews posted.

Well there it is. The first post here on andy’s movie blog. I hope it was good for you, because it was only alright for me.